Product Knowledge & Info

  1. Principles for Selection of Hydraulic Cylinders

    A hydraulic cylinder hydraulic system requires multiple hydraulic oil circuit board layouts, and the system should be properly decomposed. Considering many practical problems, it is necessary to pay attention to two points: the hydraulic components of the hydraulic cylinders should be arranged on the same hydraulic oil circuit board, try to Reduce the connection pipe.
  2. How to Distinguish the Quality of the Cylinder ?

    Hydraulic cylinders are also suitable for different types and types of oils depending on the industry and equipment used in the cylinders. For example, depending on the structure of the cylinder, the oil piston type, the swing type, and the telescopic type, the piston cylinder is highly efficient and stable.
  3. How to solve the damage of NACHI vane pump excavator? What is the treatment method?

    When NACHI vane pump runs at low speed, the leakage in the pump is serious. When it runs at high speed, the pressure of the pump increases slightly. However, due to the wear and internal leakage of the pump, the volume efficiency decreases significantly and it is difficult to reach the rated pressure.
  4. What should be paid attention to when installing YUKEN vane pump static ring components?

    When we buy an accessory or a device for mechanical use, we need to install it in order to make the parts work on the machine. Of course, the installation of YUKEN vane pump static ring component is no exception.
  5. A&S Group's Customer Care Event "We Are Together"

    A&S Group has decided to hold a customer-caring event "We Are Together" by donating KN95 protective masks and IR handheld thermometers to all our new and old customers in the coming weeks.
  6. What should we pay attention to when installing the accessory parts of Vickers vane pump?

    Users who have operated the Vickers vane pump must know that when the Vickers vane pump is in use, there are different parts installed, but not necessarily all parts can be installed.

  7. How should Bosch Rexroth plunger pump be selected?

    How do we choose the right model for Bosch Rexroth when we decide on its brand? What points should we pay attention to when choosing a model? What issues need to be considered?

  8. Working Principle Analysis of Rexroth Radial Piston Pump

    Rexroth radial piston pump is a new type of high efficiency pump with high technical content. With the acceleration of localization, radial piston pump will inevitably become an important part of the application field of plunger pump.
  9. What are the benefits of NACHI vane pump when it comes to matching variable frequency motors? What are the points for attention?

    We all know that when NACHI vane pump transports high viscous media, it is often necessary to slow down the actual flow of NACHI vane pump by manual or automatic speed regulation to meet the production needs of the process.
  10. Maintenance of Yuken plunger pump

    Yuken plunger pump is an important device of hydraulic system. It has many advantages, such as high rated pressure, compact structure, high efficiency and convenient flow regulation. It is widely used in high pressure, large flow and flow adjustment occasions.