Users who have operated the Vickers vane pump must know that when the Vickers vane pump is in use, there are different parts installed, but not necessarily all parts can be installed. Today, A&S Hydraulic Co., Ltd Sales Department Installation Engineer Lennon will come and tell you about the installation of Vickers vane pump accessories. The following points should be noted:

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1. The auxiliary device of the Vickers vane pump must meet the requirements of the design drawings. In order to indicate when all types of filters need to be cleaned and replaced, contamination indicators or test devices must be installed.

2. The installation height of the liquid level meter and thermometer (or the liquid level thermometer in combination of the two) set on the side plate of the oil tank of the Vickers vane pump shall conform to the requirements of the design drawings.

3. The position of heater installed on the oil tank of Vickers vane pump must be lower than the limit liquid level under the oil tank, and the surface dissipation power of heater must not exceed 0.7W/cm2.

4. When using heat exchanger, there should be temperature measuring points of hydraulic oil (liquid) and cooling (or heating) medium, but the installation position of heater and the return oil outlet of cooler must be far away from the temperature measuring point. When using air cooler, the intake and exhaust paths should be prevented from being blocked or blocked.