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NACHI was founded in 1928 and has been committed to the development of machinery technology and machinery manufacturing since its inception. Its head office is located in Toyama, Japan. It also has production bases in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, and has established resident representative offices and sales outlets worldwide.

NACHI's include three major machinery manufacturing businesses: machine tools, functional parts, and materials. Its main products mainly cover special steel, cutting tools, bearings, robot systems, machine tools, hydraulic equipment, robots for automated production, etc.

NACHI hydraulic pumps can be divided into the following three types,
NACHI vane pumps including VDS series, VDR22 design series, VDR13 design series, VDC series single/double vane pump, UVN series, etc.
NACHI piston pumps including PVS series, PZS series, PZ series, etc.
NACHI gear pumps including IPH series IP pump, IPH series double IP pump, etc.

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