Shimadzu Gear Pump

SHIMADZU Hydraulic Pump1875 Genzo Shimadzu Sr. started the manufacture of educational physical and chemistry instruments in Kiyamachi-Nijo, Kyoto.

1877 Succeeded in Japan's first manned balloon flight.

1896 Succeeded in taking radiographs.

1897 Started the manufacture of storage batteries.

1909 Built Japan's first medical X-ray device.

1915 Started manufacture of optical measuring instruments.

1917 Reorganized Shimadzu as joint-stock company, with storage battery department established as separate company.

1920 Established Dalian office.

1930 Genzo Shimadzu Jr. was invited to the Emperor's dinner party as one of the ten greatest inventors of Japan.

1933 Developed industrial X-ray device.

1934 Developed Japan's first spectrograph.

1936 Started manufacture of aircraft equipment.

1952 Developed Japan's first photoelectric spectrophotometer.

1956 Developed Japan's first gas chromatograph.

1961 Developed world's first remote-controlled fluoroscopy system.

1963 Established New York office.

Established Tokyo Research Center.

1968 Established Shimadzu (Europa) GmbH in F.R. Germany.

1975 Established Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc. in U.S.

1979 Established Shimadzu Precision Instruments, Inc. in U.S.

1980 Established Shimadzu Science Foundation.

1983 Started manufacture of analytical instruments in U.S.

1987 Started manufacture of analytical instruments in Germany.

1989 Acquired Kratos Group Plc. in U.K.

1991 Established Keihanna Research Laboratory.
Established Hadano Works.

Established Beijing Shimadzu Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. in China.

Established Tianjin-Shimadzu Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. in China.

Established Shimadzu Philippines Manufacturing, Inc. in Philippines.

Established Shimane Shimadzu Corporation in Japan, a manufacturing company.
Established Shimadzu Vietnam Medical Hi-Tech Co., Ltd., in Vietnam

Established Shimadzu (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Established Shimadzu (Suzhou) Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in China.

Developed world's fastest DNA sequencer.

Established Dong-il Shimadzu Corporation in Korea.

Established Life Science Research Center in Kyoto and Tsukuba.

Koichi Tanaka awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Japan's Order of Cultural Merit.

Developed world's first diagnostic X-ray imaging system equipped with a direct-conversion flat panel detector (FPD).

Strengthened measures to develop molecular imaging instruments, a next-generation medical technology.
Established Shimadzu Device Corporation to manufacture optical components.
Established Shimadzu A-tech Manufacturing Corporation to manufacture analytical and measuring instruments.

Established Shimadzu Analytical (India) Pvt. Ltd. in India.

Established three companies in Europe including Shimadzu UK Ltd.
Established Shimadzu (Guangzhou) Analysis & Technology Services Co., Ltd. in China, to perform contract analysis.

Took over Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' turbomolecular pump business.

Established new R&D center for analytical and measuring instruments in China.

Released the FOODSEYE Food Radioactivity Inspection System.

Established Shimadzu Latin America S.A. in Uruguay.
Established Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.

Established Shimadzu Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia.
Shimadzu Corporation Celebrates Its 140th Anniversary This Year.
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