LCH Hydraulic Pump

LCH Vane Pump

Established in 1987, LCH Precision Technology Co., Ltd. (LCH) has the widest range of fluid power components to meet customer needs. It specializes in the production of pressure/flow/direction control valves, logic valves, electromagnetic check valves, hydraulic gear pumps and vane pumps, etc.

These products are widely used in automatic molding manufacturing systems, metallurgical structure testing, blade grinders, high-pressure parts cleaning machines, etc.

In addition, LCH's quality control system is strictly managed. Based on highly skilled technicians, CAD system, complete production equipment, advanced technology and effective quality control, the company is committed to providing customers with the best products, quality and service.

LCH hydraulic pumps include the following types and series,
LCH hydraulic vane pumps such as VPE (VHOF) series, VVPE (VHOF) series, VGPD+PA (VHIF+PA) series, VDC (VHIF) series, 150T, 50T series, etc.
LCH hydraulic gear pump such as HGP Series, tandem gear pump HGP Series, DFM DFMN Series, PR Series, etc.

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