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Yuken is the largest professional hydraulic component manufacturer in Japan, with more than 60 years of experience in producing hydraulic components. Its products are widely used in injection molding machines, hydraulic presses, steel plants, machine tools, mobile machinery, hydraulic elevators and environmental protection factories.

Its products include: A series piston pumps, PV series vane pumps, DSHG series solenoid valves, EFBG series proportional valves, etc. The sales of its products have evolved from retail in the past to large-scale mass sales.

Yuken hydraulic pumps include the following types and series,
* Vane pumps including 50T, 150T, 250F Series, PV2R Series, PV2R Series, PV2R4A Series, PV2R24A/34A Series, VPVQ, VPVQQ Series, etc.
* Piston pumps including A Series, A3H Series, A3HG Series, A3HM Series, A7H Series, AR Series, ARL1 Series
* Gear pumps including PG0 Series, PG00 Series, PG1 Series, PG3 Series, etc.

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