FURNAN Hydraulic Pump

FURNAN Piston Pump

Funan Hydraulic (FURNAN) is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic products in Taiwan. It was established in 1979 and has a history of forty years, specializing in the production of variable displacement vane pumps, fixed displacement vane pumps, variable piston pumps, gear pumps, chemical (PU) metering pumps, etc.

FURNAN hydraulic pumps cover the following types and series,
* Variable displacement vane pump including series VHPD-F-, VHP-, VHOD-, VHI-30, 40, 45, etc.
* Fixed displacement vane pump including series VQ15, PV2R3, PV2R2, PV2R1, HVP-FAI(FA1), DS(FB1), 150T, 50T, etc.
* Variable displacement piston pump including PV series (Parker type), P series (NACHI type), VPS series, V series (DAIKIN type), AR series (YUKEN type), A series (YUKEN type), etc.

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