UCHIDA Hydraulic Pump

Uchida Gear Pump

Uchida Hydraulics (UCHIDA) mainly manufactures hydraulic equipment and components for shipyards and construction machinery companies. The company had capital and technical cooperation with Mannesmann Rexroth of Germany, and later was acquired by Rexroth.

UCHIDA's main products include: gear pumps, throttle valves, oil pumps, hydraulic components, cylinders, plunger pumps, vane pumps, gear pumps, hydraulic cycloid motors, hydraulic pump stations, etc.

UCHIDA hydraulic pumps include the following series,
* Gear pump GPPO series, GPP1 series, GPP2 series, etc.
* Piston pump A4VO series, A7V series, A8V series, etc.

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