Scraper / Underground Loader Hydraulic Parts

Scraper / Underground Loader Hydraulic Parts

The scraper/underground loader is divided into 2 parts, the front frame and the rear frame. The front frame includes buckets, booms, tipping bucket cylinders, lifting cylinders, front drive axles, etc. The rear frame includes motors, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, transfer cases, rear drive axles, cable winding devices, hydraulic oil tanks, etc.

Except for the electrical system, every part of the electric scraper is composed of hydraulic transmission and mechanical devices. Therefore, the operation of the hydraulic system of the scraper is the key to the normal operation of the electric scraper.

The scraper mainly works by hydraulic pressure, so the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil is very important. For this reason, we need to emphasize a few things that must be paid attention to here:

* When filling the fuel tank, avoid sand, water, dust and other impurities from falling into the fuel tank.
* Observe the height of the oil level at any time during the working process to ensure that the oil suction pipe and the oil return pipe in the system are unobstructed.
* The internal temperature of the fuel tank shall not exceed 70°C during continuous operation.
* Clean and replace the filter element regularly.
* The hydraulic oil must be replaced and cleaned after more than 300 hours.

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Scraper hydraulic pump
Scraper multi-way valve
Scraper loading boom cylinder
Scraper bucket cylinder
Scraper steering pump
Scraper single stable shunt valve
Scraper priority valve
Scraper steering gear
Scraper flow amplifying valve
Scraper steering cylinder
Scraper pilot pump
Scraper pressure selector valve
Scraper pilot valve
Scraper steering gear
Scraper steering limit valve
Scraper hydraulic radiator
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