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Toyooki was founded on February 1, 1958 and is headquartered in Japan. Toyooki Hydraulics is one of the company's four product divisions. The Hydraulic Department is specialized in the manufacture of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, hydraulic pumping stations, hydraulic cylinders, and pneumatic products.

Toyooki has established resident representative offices and sales outlets around the world, which can quickly and accurately grasp market trends and truly meet the wishes of customers. The brand is world-renowned for its reliable product quality, quick response and excellent service.

Toyooki hydraulic pumps include the following types,
* Piston pump: HPP-VD2V, HPP-VF2V, HPP-VB2V, HPP-VC2V and other series.
* Vane pump: HVP-VB1, HVP-VC1, HVP-LCC1, HVP-FCE1, HVP-LCE1, HVP-FEE1 and other series.
* Gear pump: TCP2, TCP3, TCP 25, TCP33, TCP34, TCM2, TCP4T, TCP5T and other series.

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