HAWE Hydraulic Pump

HAWE is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced, high-quality hydraulic components and systems. About 2, 100 employees contribute to the company's success at our headquarters in Munich, at our seven other plants in Germany, and in our international sales network with fourteen subsidiaries in Europe, America and the Asia-Pacific region.

Radial Piston Pumps

The radial piston pumps are made up of valve-controlled pump cylinders arranged in radial star-shape. They supply pressurized oil reliably up to 700 bar.

Dual Stage Pumps

Dual stage pumps comprise a high pressure part (radial piston pump, HP) and the immediately adjoining low-pressure part (gear pump, LP). They are generally driven by an electric motor, which is connected to the two stage pump via a flange and coupling.

Air Driven Hydraulic Pumps

The hydraulic pumps are reciprocating, valve controlled plunger pumps that work according to the principle of a pneumatic-hydraulic pressure intensifier with oscillating movements.

HAWE Piston Pump

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