KOBELCO Excavator Hydraulic Parts

Kobe Steel, Ltd. (KOBELCO) is a large steel company in Japan. The company was founded in 1905 and started with steel manufacturing and forging.

KOBELCO is a comprehensive multinational company with the iron and steel industry as its core. So far, its product range covers steel, machinery, engineering, real estate and other fields. KOBELCO has established a number of subsidiaries in Japan and around the world.

Kobe Steel's subsidiary, KOBELCO Construction Machinery America, LLC is a Houston, Texas-based excavator manufacturer with a manufacturing facility in Moore, South Carolina.

KOBELCO Excavators include the following models,
* Mini Excavators including Model SK17SR-6E, SK25SR-6E, etc.
* SR (short rear swing) Series including Model Excavators SK75SR-7, SK85CS-7, etc.
* Conventional Excavators including Model SK130LC-11, SK170LC-10, etc.
* Specialty Excavators including Model SK210LC-10 Long Reach, SK210LC-10 H&W, etc.

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Hydraulic Parts for KOBELCO Excavator:

115SR DZ, 135SR DZ, 135SR L, 135SR LC, 13SR, 17SR, 200SR LC, 215SR, 235SR, 235SR LC, 235SR LC H&W, 25SR-2, 27SR-3, 30SR-2, 30SR-3, 35SR-2, 35SR-3, 45SR, 45SR-2, 50SR-3, 70SR, 70SR OB, 80CS, ED150, ED160-5, ED180, ED190, ED195, K903, K903A, K903C, K904, K904C, K904D, K904D LC, K905, K905 LC, K905A, K907 LC, K907B, K907C, K907D LC, K909 LC, K909A, K909A LC, K912 LC, K912A, K914, K916, K916 LC, K935, K975, SF040SR, SK007, SK008, SK015, SK015E, SK17SR-3, SK17SR-5, SK17SR-5E, SK20SR-6, SK025, SK025SR, SK25SR-6E, SK27SR-5, SK28SR-6, SK030, SK030SR, SK30SR-6E, SK035, SK35SR, SK35SR-5, SK35SR-6, SK35SR-6E, SK045, SK045SR, SK45SRX-6, SK45SRX-6E, SK50P, SK55SRX-6, SK55SRX-6E, SK060, SK60-8, SK75SR-3, SK75R, SK75-8, SK75SR-3E, SK85MSR-3, SK85CS-3E, SK100, SK100-III, SK110-IV, SK115DZ-IV LC, SK115-IV, SK120 LC, SK120-III, SK120-III LC, SK120-IV LC, SK125SR-2, SK130-8, SK130-IV, SK130-IV LC, SK135SR, SK135SR-2, SK135SR-3, SK130, SK130HDL-8, SK140LC, SK140LC-8, SK140HDLC-8, SK140SRLC-3, SK140SRLC-5, SK150-IV LC, SK15SR, SK160 LC, SK160-IV LC, SK170-8 LC, SK170LC-10, SK200 LC, SK200-III, SK200-III LC, SK200-IV LC, SK200-8, SK200-10, SK200LC-10, SK210 LC LR, SK210-8 LC, SK210-IV, SK210-IV LC, SK210HD-8, SK210HDLC-8, SK210LC-8, SK210LC-9, SK210LC-10, SK210HLC-10, SK210LC-10 H&W, SK220 LC, SK220-III, SK220-III LC, SK220-IV LC, SK220XD-10, SK220XDLC-10, SK225SR-2, SK225RLC-2, SK230SRLC-3, SK230SRLC-5, SK235SR-2, SK250-10, SK250 LC, SK250 LC LR, SK250-IV, SK250-IV LC, SK250-IV LCN, SK260-8 LC, SK260LC-8, SK260LC-9, SK260LC-10, SK260LC-10 H&W, SK260SRLC-3, SK270XD-10, SK270SRLC-5, SK270-IV LC, SK290 LC, SK290 LC LR, SK295 LC, SK300 LC, SK300 LC ME, SK300-III, SK300LC, SK300LC-10, SK300LC-10 H&W, SK300-III LC, SK300-IV, SK300-IV LC, SK300-IV LC ME, SK330, SK330-8, SK330-10, SK330 LC, SK330 LC HW, SK330 LC ME, SK330 LCDA, SK330DA, SK330-IV, SK330-IV LC, SK350-8 LC, SK350LC-8, SK350LC-9E, SK350LC-9E ME, SK350LC-10, SK350LC-10 H&W, SK380XD-10, SK380HDLC-8, SK380XDLC-10, SK400 LC, SK400-III, SK400-III LC, SK400-IV, SK400-IV LC, SK400-IV LC ME, SK460-IV, SK460-IV LC, SK460-8, SK480LC-8, SK480 LC, SK480 LC ME, SK485-8 LC, SK485-8 LC HW, SK485-8 LC ME, SK495D-8, SK500LC-8, SK500HDLC-8, SK500LC-9, SK500LC-9 ME, SK500LC-10, SK500LC-10 ME, SK500LC-10 H&W, SK500XDLC-10, SK520XDLC-10, SK600, SK60-IV, SK850LC, SK850LC-2, SK850LC-9, SMEC4500, SS60, SK200-8 , SK210DHDLC-8, SK210LC-8 , SK250-8 , SK260-10, SK260LC-8 , SK330-8 , SK350LC-8 , SK460-8 , SK480 , SK60-C , SK75-8 , SK85CS-3, SK130 , SK130-8 , SK130HDL, SK140LC-8 , SK30SR-6, , SK140LC , SK480-8 , SK55SR-5 , SK70SR-2 , SK135SR-2 , SK135SRLC-2, SK135SRLC-3, SK225SRLC-2, SK235SRLC-2, SK850LC , SK950DLC , SK480LC , SK350LC , SK200 , SK210D-10

main pump (hydraulic pump, main hydraulic pump, hydraulic main pump) for KOBELCO Excavator
gear pump(hydraulic gear pump) for KOBELCO Excavator
Vane pump for KOBELCO Excavator
plunger pump (hydraulic piston pump) for KOBELCO Excavator
hydraulic cylinder (hydraulic bucket cylinder, hydraulic boom cylinder, hydraulic arm cylinder, hydraulic dump cylinder, hydraulic lifting cylinder, hydraulic cylinder seal kit) for KOBELCO Excavator
hydraulic motor (hydraulic travel motor, hydraulic swing motor) for KOBELCO Excavator
travel motor for KOBELCO Excavator
final drive for KOBELCO Excavator
throttle valve for KOBELCO Excavator
regulating valve(control valve) for KOBELCO Excavator
distributing and collecting valve for KOBELCO Excavator
one-way valve for KOBELCO Excavator
hydraulic control check valve for KOBELCO Excavator
shuttle valve for KOBELCO Excavator
reversing valve for KOBELCO Excavator
main control valve (hydraulic control valve) for KOBELCO Excavator
pressure control valve (pressure relief valve, safety valve) for KOBELCO Excavator
pilot valve for KOBELCO Excavator
hydraulic radiator for KOBELCO Excavator
oil cooler for KOBELCO Excavator
hydraulic filter for KOBELCO Excavator
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