KAWASAKI Hydraulic Pump
Kawasaki Hydraulics is a world leader in hydraulic component manufacturing. Kawasaki pumps, motors and valves dominate the hydraulic excavator market due to their high performance levels and durability. The famous K3V pump and M2X motor helped establish Kawasaki as the leading provider of excavator hydraulics.
In addition to the K3V and M2X, Kawasaki produces the K3VG, K3VL, K4V, K5V, MX, M3X, M5X, DNB, and Staffa HMB & HMC motors.
A&S Hydraulics is honored to be an authorized service center and mobile parts distributor for Kawasaki. As such, we can remanufacture your hydraulic pumps and motors or supply you with genuine Kawasaki replacement parts. Please call us when your Kawasaki pump or motor needs service. We can remanufacture your unit and get you going quickly.
FreeSans, Common Kawasaki applications that we have in stock or can quickly remanufacture for you include:

Kawasaki Piston Pump

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