Hawe Hydraulic Valve

Hawe Hydraulic Valve:

When HAWE was founded, it was an unremarkable small workshop in Germany. Through more than 60 years of rapid development, HAWE Hydraulics has become a world-renowned company with branches in the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

HAWE pump and valve series products are widely used in the hydraulic industry. HAWE has been continuously innovating and optimizing products for a long time, and launching a large number of new products to allow users to experience better quality and higher efficiency.

HAWE hydraulic valves contain types like>
* Directional spool valves PSLF, PSVF, SLF, EDL, etc.>
* Directional seated valves MSV, RSV, VP, VH, VHP, VHR, CR, etc.>
* Pressure control valves SVP, SVPR, PDV, PDVE, CNE, NE, LV, etc.>
* Flow valves SB, CSJ, DSJ, SJ, SQ, Q, QR, QV, FG, FGS, etc.>
* Check valves B, RK,RB, RC, RHC,RHCE, HRP, RH, etc.

EDL type directional spool valves connected in series are directly driven. The flow rates of each consumer can be adjusted individually. Through the additional functions in the intermediate plate and auxiliary block, the proportional directional spool valve can be flexibly adapted to different control tasks.

EDL type directional spool valve can be directly combined with PSL and PSV type proportional directional spool valve in size 2, so it is suitable for constant pump and variable pump system. It is used for mobile hydraulics, especially civil engineering and agricultural engineering.

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