Linde Hydraulic Motor

Linde hydraulic motors 02 series are different from what is common on the market. They provide the required torque even at low speeds and can be started smoothly and sensitively. Therefore, no additional rpm reduction ratio is required. This reduces the number of components entering the component and also increases overall mechanical efficiency, minimizing windage losses and machine noise levels.

Linde Hydraulic Motors are availables in:
HMV-02, HMR-02, HMF-02, HMV/R-02 PTO, CMV, CMF.

Linde is one of the world's leading industrial gases and engineering companies, and a leading global supplier of industrial gases, process and specialty gases.

The end markets cover many industries, including chemicals and refining, food and beverages, electronics, healthcare, manufacturing, and primary metals. The industrial gases produced by Linde are used in various fields-from oxygen used in hospitals to high-purity and specialty gases used in the electronics industry to hydrogen used in clean energy.

Another change after Linde merged with BOC is that the original material handling division became the KION Group independently, and KION is headquartered in Wiesbaden, where the former company headquarters are located. KION owns brands such as Linde.

Linde Hydraulic Motors include the following series,
* HMV-02
* HMV-02 PTO
* CMV, etc.

HMV-02 is a variable displacement motor for open circuit and closed circuit operation.
A standard hydraulic motor at low speed during the start-up phase cannot produce the necessary torque. Therefore, the power of the rapidly rotating hydraulic motor must be reduced to the speed required by the wheels through a multi-stage gearbox. In this case, higher windage loss and poor mechanical efficiency are kindly accepted.
Linde Hydraulics motors are just the opposite: 02 series motors can transmit the required torque even at low speeds and can start smoothly and sensitively.

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