Yuken Gear Pump

Yuken Hydraulic Pump

YUKEN had its beginning in 1929 as an auto repairfacility, started by Mr. Uichi Yuki. It grew into a machine tool builder in1931. Hydraulic honing machines followed in 1940. The manufacturing of thisequipment brought about the development of hydraulic vane pumps and control valves, which established a base for the manufacturing of hydraulic equipment.ACompany by the name of Yuatsukiki Kenkyujo was formed in 1952, with $12, 000.00capitalization. In 1956 this company was reorganized as YUKEN KOGYO Co. Ltd.with $60, 000.00 capitalization. A sales office was established in Osaka, Japanin 1959 followed by a factory in Fujisawa in 1960. In 1961 YUKEN Machinery Co.Ltd. was formed.

1962 saw the company listed on the Tokyo StockExchange with $2, 000, 000.00 capitalization. In 1964 the main office was movedto its present location in Fujisawa. A sales office was established in Tokyo in1967. A manufacturing joint-venture commenced operations in 1969 under the nameTaiwan Hydraulics Mfg. Co., Ltd.The stock of YUKEN was added to the Osaka StockExchange in 1969 with $9, 100, 000.00 capitalization. In forty (40) years YUKEN went from an auto repair shop to a publicly traded company.Since then YUKEN hascontinued to expand its line of hydraulic products as well as certain types ofmachinery dependent on hydraulic power.Currently, YUKEN has offices throughoutJapan, and has expanded considerably with offices, plants and affiliatedbusiness relationships in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Indiaand now the United States and Canada.YUKEN Kogyo Co. Ltd. is publicly traded ontwo (2) stock exchanges. They employ eight hundred (800) people and have salesexceeding ¥ 20, 000, 000, 000. YUKEN has enjoyed a very successful and innovative past. Its future is directedtoward significant growth and achievements in the Fluid Power Industry.

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