A hydraulic cylinder hydraulic system requires multiple hydraulic oil circuit board layouts, and the system should be properly decomposed. Considering many practical problems, it is necessary to pay attention to two points: the hydraulic components of the hydraulic cylinders should be arranged on the same hydraulic oil circuit board, try to Reduce the connection pipe.

   Machine tool processing automatic line or multi-station machine tool hydraulic system, the same structure should be designed as interchangeable universal board, and the parts of different structures are designed to be dedicated. The selection of hydraulic cylinders must follow the many principles of hydraulics and must not be changed at will.

   Use a relatively dry cleaner to clean the hydraulic cylinder and then filter the air to remove solvent residue. It is necessary to clean all the piping of the system, and in some cases it is necessary to impregnate the piping and joints.

   Oil filter is required in the hydraulic cylinder pipe to protect the oil supply pipe and pressure pipe from damage. Instead of a precision valve, install a flushing plate on the current collector. To check if all pipe sizes are appropriate, the connection is not correct.