How can Rexroth vane pump improve the efficiency of equipment operation? What are the ways to improve? This problem may not be well understood by new users. Today, the technicians of A&S Hydraulic Co., Ltd will give you a detailed introduction about how to improve the operation efficiency of Rexroth vane pump equipment as follows:

How to improve the operation efficiency of Rexroth vane pump equipment? What are the methods

First, the new control system, integral valve system and start/stop system are designed to improve the efficiency of equipment operation.

Second. The advantages of synchronous control system and electronic control system. Electronic devices are used to identify the operator's intentions and set the high dynamic or fine control range of pumps and valves according to the requirements. In addition to automatic detection of working conditions, the operator can also manually select enabling mode through the display screen. Hydraulic indication, this control Rexroth vane pump does not need to use traditional load sensor.

Third.The integral valve system is a new product specially developed for the system, which integrates all key hydraulic control functions in a casting box. The system is based on VT modular series design principles. The optimized flow passage guarantees the minimum pressure loss. The stacked valve body design can easily add other functional modules.

Fourth, the integral valve Rexroth vane pump integrates all key control functions into a casting box. It is specially applied to new synchronization control, and also to version electronic control at present. Another energy-saving system, hydraulic start/stop system, can be used in wheel loaders, telescopic forklift trucks and other construction machinery.

Fifth, the Rexroth vane pump fills the compact hydraulic accumulator through a medium-sized high-pressure pump. When the electronic controller detects the preset stop signal in the drive function, the engine of the device will be shut down. Once the operator steps on the pedal, rotates the steering wheel or moves the joystick, the pump starts and the accumulator fills the pump until the engine reaches the preset engine speed.

Sixth. The starting program is four times faster than the pure electric starting engine to ensure that the machine is ready to run immediately after restart. Intelligent automatic start/stop system not only saves energy, but also reduces the noise generated by the machine operation.