Electric reciprocating pump piston pump is also known from the structure is divided into single-cylinder and multi-cylinder, with its head higher. Apply to transportation at room temperature and solid particles in the oil emulsion. Used in oil fields, coal injection, power pumps of grease, oil; bore presses, hydraulic press, hydraulic sand, fertilizer plants and transport liquid ammonia. Flow passage components stainless steel when handling corrosive liquids. In addition, depending on the structural material can also transport high-temperature tar, sludge, high concentrations of mortar and high-viscosity liquids. Piston pump schematics
    Rely on piston reciprocating motion, the piston pump makes the pump chamber volume cycle changes to realize the suction and discharge liquid. From the pump cylinder, piston, and out of the water valve, inlet and outlet pipe, connecting rod and gear composition. Rely on power to drive the piston in the pump cylinder for reciprocating movement. When the piston moves upward, the inlet valve open, water enters the pump cylinder, the piston valve closed, the piston upper part of the water with the piston upward; when the piston moves down, the inlet valve closed, the piston valve open, the pump cylinder chamber pressure in the superior vena, and ascend to the outlet pipe, and so forth and enhance the water, so water continuously from the outlet pipe. The piston pump is divided into single, double acting; single, double, multi-cylinder type; lying, vertical, oblique; mobility, manual, foot pedal, animal style. Piston pump's flow rate Q = 0.71 to 6000 m 3 / h and discharge pressure P2  39.2 MPa, P2 24.5 MPa in most cases. The piston pump flow is determined by the diameter of the pump cylinder, the piston stroke and the piston per minute of the reciprocating frequency; head depends on the characteristics of the device pipeline, the same piston pump flow constant, the lift can change as the device pipeline characteristics. Namely, to improve lift, while the flow rate unchanged, and only a slight decrease in the high-pressure zone, the flow. Piston pump high-pressure, low flow situations, especially the flow rate is less than 100 m 3 / h, discharge pressure greater than 9.8 MPa, but also demonstrated its high efficiency and good operating performance. Inhalation performance of pumping a variety of different media, different viscosity of the liquid. Therefore, is widely used in petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing industry, paper making, food processing, pharmaceutical production. Low and medium speed piston pump speed is low, the manpower available to operate and animal-drawn drag, apply to rural water supply and small-scale irrigation.